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Introducing the Smart Eco Label

Choose a flight with the lowest CO2 emissions

We know that flying is environmentally intensive, but sometimes we can’t escape it. That’s why you want to make the most sustainable choices before you even get on the plane. The Smart Eco Label helps you do just that.

With the Smart Eco Label, we calculate the least environmentally damaging way to get from A to B for you.

Using three colors, you can see which flight emits the least CO2 and which is the most polluting. In this way, you avoid traveling on a highly polluting flight and compensate in advance rather than afterwards. Our Smart Eco Label helps you book the most sustainable flights and see the impact you are leaving behind.

Traveling greener really is possible!

By partaking in the Eco Label, you take up the challenge of reducing your environmental impact. With the new Eco Label, you get insight into the “greenest” option while booking. Can you do this business meeting online and is it really necessary to travel? If so, can it be done by train? If you have to fly anyway, you can choose the least environmentally damaging travel option based on the Eco Label labels.

“By indicating environmental impact in advance, you can make a conscious choice. This can result in an average of 30% less emissions per year from your business travel.”

Personal CO2 reporting

Each month you will receive an extensive report on the impact of your business travel. This makes it easy to monitor your choices and the associated results. With the Smart Eco Label you can annually reduce the CO2 emissions of your business trips by up to 30% by making the right choices.